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Skiing with powder snow in Niseko


Niseko is in the southern part of Hokkaido, the largest prefecture in Japan.
Its temperature is freezing in the winter which most of times goes below zero degrees Celsius.
The annual snow precipitation is very high and a lot of people come to ski in the winter.

Especially, this place is famous for the high quality powder snow.
As Hokkaido is the biggest prefecture in Japan, each ski resort is gigantic.
You can enjoy skiing and snowboarding the entire day and refresh yourself.


After skiing, you can enjoy one of the finest whiskeys all around the world.
The whisky in Hokkaido is very smoky and authentic.
If you want to enjoy the beautiful sky full of stars, you just need to step outside.
The unrealistic scenery heals your fatigue and refreshes your mind.


In Hokkaido, you must need a car to go around.
The public transportation is not well functioning and it is very difficult for you to carry all apparatuses by train with you all the way up to Niseko.
So, I strongly recommend you to rent a car.