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Japan’s cycling road Shimanamikaido


Shimanami Kaido is a famous road that connects main islands called Shikoku and Honshu. Along the way, the road is lying among six smaller islands.

Shimanamikaido is very popular by tourists and local people because the scenery you get is aggrandizing. Along the way, you can expect the beautiful ocean view.
This road starts from Onomichi city and extends 60 km long. Since the official open in 1999, it attracted tourists in and out Japan.


Cycling is closely related to its popularity. Because there is a biker route for those who want to enjoy cycling, a lot of people visit there and cycle.
Also, the fact that you don’t need to carry your own bike thanks to the renting system, you can cycle with ease.

This Shimanamikaido is approximately 6 hours away from Tokyo by car.
However, you can get there in less than 3 hours by the bullet train Shinkansen and less than an hour by airplane.
There are several airports suitable for you depending on where you want to start cycling.
But, people usually use Hiroshima or Matsuyama airport.


If you like a bicycle, Shimanamikaido will surely entertain you.
And, you will be able to spend time with no regret.