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Golden temple Kinkakuji


Kinkaku-ji is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto and it is registered as an UNESCO world cultural heritage.
This flashy golden temple was built as a villa for one mighty Shogun in the 14th century.
But, after his death, this temple was transformed into a zen-style temple, which is a part of religion action to evoke your internal energy.

Kinkakuji uses tons of golden film on its wall and it shines vividly.
People who visit this temple are surprised how shiny it is when lit by the Sun.

This temple went through several burnt down in its history but it was rebuilt many times.
The newest reformation was done in 1955.
Therefore, the building itself is not so old; however, the appearance looks the same as the first completion.


Around Kinkaku, there is a big pond.
In daytime, the reflected sunlight on the surface of the pond makes the symmetric structure and extinguishes its beauty from other temples.

Also, the Japanese style garden symbolizes the relic extreme wealthy culture Kitayama-bunka shaped at this time.