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Gather the spirit in the mountain – Osorezan


Osorezan is a holy ground located in the central Shimokita Peninsula.
There are hot springs and they are used for the sightseeing.
Its height is 879 meters above the sky. Osorezan is not a single independent mountain.

This holy ground consists of eight mountains.
The mountain was opened (began to serve a function as a holy ground) in 862 AD.

According to an oral tradition, a monk got a message ‘You must go back to Japan and find a sacred mountain in east after travelling 30 days on foot.
Engrave one jizo and broaden the Buddhism there’ in the dream while he was studying abroad in China.

He came back to Japan right after getting this message and explored the mountain stated.
It is said that he finally reached Osorezan after the countless number of efforts.


The contrast between sceneries, which are respectively called hell and paradise, stands out from other places in Japan.

Jizos are used to hold a memorial service of dead bodies.
Jizos look like statues of children and are believed to help people reach paradise.
The jizo statue wears red clothes.
These red clothes means illness and they serve function to let others know that he has a disease.

Japanese people give special respect to jizo because it is leading them to the right direction in life and afterlife.
So, if you get lost in life and need a spiritual guidance of what to do now, it may be a good idea to visit this place and get some spiritual help.