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Amusement park for the whole family – Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland attracts all Disney funs attention.
This Disneyland is one of the seven Disneyland all around the world.
Its size is smaller than Disneyland in Florida, but you can put yourself in a magical world of Disney once you step into the park.


This theme park consists of 40 attractions and each of them is worth trying.
I particularly liked Big Thunder Mountain.
This jet coaster is like a train and runs through the mountain so fast. Splash Mountain is also a famous jet coaster in the Disneyland, but it is a bit scary to be honest.

If you bring your children with you, there are a lot of attractions ready for your kids including ‘It’s a Small World’.

Another impressing part of Disneyland is that you cannot see anything outside if you are in the park.
You will have no doubt that you just stepped into the dream and forget that you are in Tokyo for a while.


But, I have to mention that foods in Disneyland aren’t good. Unless you pay a certain amount of money, you won’t be able to eat delicious foods.
However, if you can afford more than 3000 yen for food, you get a high quality dish.

Thus, you can eat a lot before you enter the park and save some money.